Debuting director Brandon Jordan does a fantastic job in the filming of this script written by himself. To begin with, he is smart enough to acknowledge the specific importance of the cinematography in this short movie. As the photography is part of the main theme, a poor job in this field would immediately repel the viewers. Therefore, the movie shows an outstanding light composition, which is coherent to the skills of the photographer character. 

In the storyline, a young woman aspiring to be a model hires a professional male photographer to build a portfolio with ten pictures of her. Along the session, he, as an experienced photographer, instructs her how to perform correctly to obtain the best images of her. Then after conquering her confidence, he starts getting too intimate and pushy.

Besides the cinematography, another outstanding quality of the movie is the soundtrack. This is the most powerful element here to reveal the bad intentions of the photographer. So, the darker his thoughts, the lower are the keys of the chords, and the viewer notices his intentions even before any violence is shown.

Finally, it all builds up to a fast-pacing movie with a surprising outcome. And it culminates with the final scene in an exterior location that comes out as a victorious result for the empowered woman who was brave enough to say no to her aggressor. Surely her attitude is graphic, because it is a movie, but it does represent the attitude of the #metoo movement.    

Cast: Margaux Lakdar, Brandon Jordan


An aspiring model, ready to begin her career in the fashion industry, hires a photographer in Paris to help her create her portfolio.

The only thing standing between her and her dreams is 10 photographs.

The performances of the actors are also high standard. They both can build distinctive characters, including the photographer played by the director himself. In fact, they are helped by the mise-en-scène. For instance, the process of conquering the trust of the model is built little by little and its final achievement is revealed without the need of verbalizing it. It is all in the screen when the model changes her clothes in front of the photographer, and not behind the shelf as before, and when she poses with lingerie.  

Eduardo Kaneco

Film Critic, the founder of Leitura Filmica

10 Photographs

2020, Canada, 15 min

Written & Directed by:  Brandon Jordan

10 Photographs portraits a step-by-step process of abuse that women are subject to in a professional environment. However, this short film is constructed in a way that this behavior come as a great surprise. And this is what is so sharp about it, as that is how men work this out.

Moreover, the use of the colors is also ingenious. Not only does the film present beautiful warm colors bus they also are used for the sake of the narrative. For example, take notice of the shot where the photographer is on the left side of the screen, with dark tones, and the model on the right, in golden background. This scene reflects visually the two opposite behaviors.