With a classic look and experimental perspectives, "Wild Eyes" takes us into the dark world of the blind girl Kitana. Through her eyes, we can see again and understand how big the sacrifice was. A 2d animated short about friendship and guilt.

In the movie, the sound effects and a creative visual solution work together to transmit to the viewer the perception of a blind person. The sounds are prominent as they are for the girl that cannot see. Some lines in a black background represent the sound waves graphically, as if she was able to see them.

Director Nina Prange, in her fourth animated work, connects this introduction to the narrative, as it evokes the idea that each single living being matters, even the street rat who is the girl’s friend. Therefore, one’s happiness cannot result in another one’s pain.

Winner of the Best Animated Short Award at the Luminous Frames Festival

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Eduardo Kaneco

Film Critic, the founder of Leitura Filmica

Wild Eyes

2019, Germany, 5:33 min

Directed by: Nina Prange

The animated short film Wild Eyes manages to communicate a very powerful message through a delicate story. It is amazing how this movie creates a Strong empathy with the main character in just a few minutes.

In the opening sequence, there is a lovely metaphor when the camera follows just one single leave that is taken by the wind. It selects one leave among many others, as it concentrates on the blind girl among all the people in the crowded city. That’s the character that we are about to follow in the story.